Hello Beautiful….


Ever feel like you just don’t have the time to shop, style and look fabulous 24-7?


We get it.

Juggling the demands of a job, home, kids’ school and play date timetables, as well as trying to be the best mum, friend, sister, daughter, wife, and ‘the one everyone goes to’, leaves little time to shop ‘n’ style.

And let’s face it, when we do get any rare ‘me-time’ we want to be soaking in a bubble bath with a chilled glass of Prosecco or catching up on the latest Netflix hit, not trailing the shops or hunting for hours on every. single. website.

That’s why we launched Luxe Elle. For busy ladies, just like you, who want to look good and feel great, but are time-starved and burnt out. We all know what an effort it is to try and snap stylish shots that will light up your grid.

We know because we are busy mums just like you. And we want to make your life much simpler, by creating a capsule collection of stylish garments, that will transform your wardrobe and work seamlessly together to give you lots of different looks, all at the click of a button.

And that’s not all.

We’ll even help you style your outfits too. Unsure whether to wear shorts and heels with a white-tee for date night or go romantic in a floaty, white dress and wedges? Whatever the occasion, we’ll be giving you expert style advice on how to elevate your outfit so you look like the style star that you are.

Whether it’s standing on the sidelines at yet another kids’ footie match or taking the little one to the park for a play date, date night with your partner, or a cocktail-fused brunch with the girls, we’ve got you covered.

Opening the wardrobe and thinking ‘what the hell shall I wear?’ will become a thing of the past, as Luxe Elle will help you, whatever the occasion, and transform your style, so you look truly Insta-worthy.

We want to empower you to be your best self, no matter how tough life gets. We know first-hand how amazing a stunning outfit can instantly transform your mood and leave you feeling uplifted and motivated.

We are you stylist, PA, and best friend all rolled into one. Not only will we be giving you style advice, and sensational looks, but we are building up a community of like-minded women who will be right beside you as you navigate the demands of being a modern, frazzled but fabulous, woman. From parenting hacks to beauty tips, social life dilemmas, and the latest on the food, drink and style scene, our merry band of Luxe Elles, will be right by your side every step of the way. Want to share the love? Join our private Facebook page here. We’d love to see how fabulous you look so share you Luxe Elle pieces on our Insta page using the hashtag #theluxeelles.

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Age: 44 but still feel 25

Kids: Henry, 9 and Rose, 2, (big age gap thanks to secondary infertility-it sucks!)

Hubby: Dan, 43, knows nothing about fashion. When we first started dating people used to say: “What does the fashion journalist see in the man with no style?” He does know a lot about mortgages and pensions though.

Occupation: I worked as a Fashion Editor and stylist for several years before launching my own glossy style magazine. I now teach fashion journalism at a university. I studied fashion at the London College of Fashion and worked as a stylist and journalist for 20 years.

Loves: oat milk lattes, yoga and meditation, Sauvignon Blanc, relaxing on a deserted Northumberland beach and watching the waves, visiting National Trust properties with the kids, long Saturday prosecco-filled brunches with the girls, authentic people with kind hearts, hiking in the hills with the hubby.

Hates: spiders, heights, lukewarm tea, liars, people who put down others, anything with coconut in it.

Ambition: Run my own fashion brand and empower women to look and feel amazing so they can take on the world. Spread positivity through style.

Biggest style dilemma: trying to find my identity again after having a baby. I just didn’t feel like me anymore and my body had totally changed so nothing in my wardrobe worked.

Favourite motivational quote: Clothes aren’t going to change the world, the women that wear them will-Anne Klein

Style tips: Build up a capsule wardrobe of staple pieces that won’t go out of fashion and that you can use to create lots of different looks. Each season refresh your style with a few key trend-led seasonal pieces to update your look.

Sometimes stepping out of your comfort zone and opting for a completely, new, fresh look, can do wonders for your confidence.

How did Sam and I meet? We both had baby girls at the same time and met at a baby group. We then discovered that we both lived in the same street, had some friends in common. and my son was at the same school as Sam’s youngest boy but we had never met.




Age: 35

Kids: Oliver 16, Joel 12 and Nancy 2 ( yes I am crazy for starting again with nappies after 12 years but we wanted to try again for a girl and thank our lucky stars everyday we got our wish. Although I did google everything possible to try and increase the odds of getting a girl, not sure if any it worked, but she is here and my husband never wants to see a block of cheese or pint of milk again).

Hubby: Mark, 36, we have been together since school and bought our first house together when we were 18. Works very hard and is often away from home, loves a DIY project and comes out with the most horrendous bad dad jokes.

Occupation: I have had a varied career from, estate agent and new house builder sales, working for EE fraud and insurance investigation, to then working in sales where I was selling a luxury brand into John Lewis and Fenwicks.

For the last 8 years I had been brand ambassador of Apple and iTunes, loved my job but decided after having Nancy it was time for a change. I am now self employed and run Hartbeeps baby classes, this doesn’t even feel like work gives me so much joy bring smiles to babies and their families plus lets me have the free time to work on making Luxe Elle amazing.

Loves: My holidays, seeing the world is an absolute education my children have been lucky to see elephants in Thailand, Kayak in the Caribbean sea and swim with dolphins in Mexico. We never go to the same place twice as think you need to see all different cultures and countries. I love being the host and any excuse for a party its at mine, we have had pimms, stawberry and cream – Wimbledon days, Bbq’s for the football to cocktail and poker nights on boxing day.

Hates: People who put other people down, we should all celebrate everyones achievements. Life isn’t a race and jealously is ugly.
Filters! these are a real bug bear of mine, make a false representation of real life, there is so much pressure on the younger generation to achieve this false version of perfect, we should set an example and stop using them.

Ambition: To run my own business which fits in with having kids so I get to spend as much time as possible with them. Finding a job you love and you then never have to work a day in your life. To spread my positive far and wide as I always have a glass half full of Prosecco.

Biggest style dilemma: After living in joggers and baggy tops for breastfeeding, finding some clothes which fit and are comfortable for a post baby body.

Favourite motivational quote: Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself – Coco Chanel

Style Tips: Be happy in yourself and that will shine through in the clothes you wear.